in the Oil Mill

The company organizes guided tours in the olive groves and in our oil mill.

  • History: the evolution of the olive tree, the beginning of its cultivation, historical notes on the oil trade and uses.
  • Processing: visit to the mill and explanation of the techniques of processing olives, storage and bottling of oil.
  • Learn to know the oil: tasting of the oils, explanation of the chemical and organoleptic characteristics, and the use of oil in the kitchen.
  • Wine and food itinerary: tasting of various products from the mill and premises. 


Participants: from 1 to maximum 50 people.
Duration of the tour: about 3 hours.
Ample parking also for buses.

Cost of the tour: FREE and / or to be determined according to the type of tasting.
The program may vary according to the requests or needs of visitors.

VERY IMPORTANT: Recall that the mill is operational from mid-October until early January.

Joining the Olio Salvatore Selection family is very simple! 

Opening Time

9.00 - 12.30 /15.30 - 18.30

Tel. +39 388 34 86 720

Fax +39 0934933460

Email : oliosalvatoreselection@gmail.com

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