History of Tradition
from Generation to Generation

Our History

... in our selected olive groves we collect with commitment and passion the best olives in the right maturation period to create the best extra virgin olive oils, unique and unmistakable in taste, aroma and color.

The olives are pressed within 8 hours of their collection, the primary fresh product is cold extracted (at a controlled temperature of 25 - 27 °) not to alter all the precious organoleptic properties of the fruit.

... before being bottled for direct sales to our customers, Salvatore Selection EVO Oil rests for a set time in stainless steel containers at optimal temperature, to separate naturally from solid residues of the just extracted raw product.

Our oil is produced with full respect for nature and our beloved land.

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Booking E.V. OIL

Dear friend

We will start soon collecting our olives.
With a cold pressing, in our mill, we create a delicate light green oil: fruity, balanced, with hints of tomato, artichoke, almond and fresh grass.

After a natural decantation we carefully prepare each bottle to give each customer an unique and exclusive experience.

As every year, we invite all our customers to book the desired quantity (specifying if in bottle or tin) so to reserve and receive it comfortably to home.

Don't miss the opportunity to taste a real E.V. oil of the highest quality, made with passion and love, in an unique land, always suited to the production of supreme oils to satisfy the best palates.

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